Negotiation Today is a boutique training consultancy focused on training and research in the areas of negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation. We aim to offer the best negotiation training course in Singapore.

Our mission is to provide relevant, world-class content to help our visitors and customers become better negotiators in their personal and professional lives.

As part of this mission, we conduct original research and run negotiation training courses in Singapore to equip our participants with the relevant tools, skills and strategies to perform better in their negotiation and become master negotiators. Amongst the topics covered in the course are: The Psychology of Negotiation, Key Success Factors in Negotiation, Characteristics of Top Negotiators, The Negotiation Stages, Global Negotiation Concepts, The Language of Negotiation, Key Pillars of Negotiation, Elements of Successful Negotiation, Understanding and Leveraging Negotiation Styles, Bargaining Chips in Negotiation, Effective Concession Strategies, Understanding Positions and Interests, The Art of Framing and Anchoring, Common Negotiation Tactics, Classic Mistakes in Negotiation, Cultural Intelligence for Smart Negotiators and International Best Practices in Negotiation.

Our negotiation skills training courses in Singapore, are underpinned by a philosophy of professional skills development and draws from the rich research-based negotiation content of top universities and research institutes across the world. Our curricula links negotiation theories, models and concepts to real-world negotiation practices and solutions. The negotiation training program pedagogy features an interactive, hands-on learning format and includes experiential learning activities, negotiation simulations, movie clips, negotiation role-plays, real-world negotiation examples and skill practices in a supportive environment with a low facilitator/participant ratio.

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Negotiation Training Singapore